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TEK-700-1600 blackbody radiation source is a tubular cavity radiation source, the emissivity is better than 0.992, and the opening is 50mm, which meets most of the D: S radiation thermometer calibration use. Imported brand European thermostat is selected, with high temperature control accuracy and good stability.


TEK-700-1600 characteristic parameters

● Model: TEK-700-1600

●Temperature range: (700-1600) °C

●Radiant surface diameter: Φ50mm

● Emissivity: better than 0.992

●Volume: 550*600*800mm

●Stability: not more than 0.1%t/10min

●Uniformity: not greater than (0.15°C and 0.15%t)

●Temperature control element: B even

●Weight: Approximately 50KG

● Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz

● Power: 4KW

●Ambient temperature: (0-45) °C not more than 80% PH non-condensing

The products can be calibrated by the China Academy of Metrology (NIM), which is the highest national metrology scientific research center and a national legal measurement technology institution

Code and name of the technical document on which the calibration is based/referenced)

According to NIM-ZY-RG-FS-081 (-50~1000)C Variable Temperature Blackbody Radiation Source Calibration Implementation Rules.

Refer to JJF 1552-2015 Calibration specification for -10°C and 200°C blackbody radiation sources for radiation temperature measurement.

Metrology base (standard) device "containing reference materials)/main instrument used for calibration

Name: Blackbody radiation source calibration device

Measuring range: (-50-1000)°C

Uncertainty/accuracy level: U =(0.04~0.65)°C(k=2)

Certificate number: [2022] National Measurement Standard Certificate No. 430

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