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TEK-300-1000 blackbody radiation source is a tubular cavity radiation source, the emissivity is better than 0.99, and the opening is 50mm, which meets most of the D:S radiation thermometer calibration use. Imported brand European thermostat is selected, with high temperature control accuracy.



● Model: TEK-300-1000

●Temperature range: (300-1000)°C

●Radiant surface diameter: Φ50mm

● Emissivity: better than 0.99

●Repeatability: <0.02°C

●Stability: not greater than (0.1°C and 0.1% t)/10min

●Uniformity: not greater than (0.15°C and 0.15%t)

●Thermostat: imported high-precision thermostat

●Weight: Approximately 27KG

● Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz

● Power: 2500W

●Ambient temperature: (0-45) °C not more than 80% PH non-condensing

●Volume: (H*L*D)450*285*480mm

Products can be passed through the Chinese Institute of Metrology (NIM), which is the highest national metrology science research center and a national statutory metrology technology institution

Code and name of the technical document on which the quasi-calibration is based/referenced)

According to NIM-ZY-RG-FS-081 (-50~1000)C Variable Temperature Blackbody Radiation Source Calibration Implementation Rules.

Refer to JJF 1552-2015 Calibration specification for -10°C and 200°C blackbody radiation sources for radiation temperature measurement.

Metrology base (standard) device "containing reference materials)/main instrument used for calibration

Name: Blackbody radiation source calibration device

Measuring range: (-50-1000)°C

Uncertainty/accuracy level: U =(0.04~0.65)°C(k=2)

Certificate number: [2022] National Measurement Standard Certificate No. 430

The certificate is valid until (YYYYMM-DD): 2027-08-15

The emissivity of blackbody radiation sources is better than 0.995

1. The emissivity of blackbody radiation sources is better than 0.995

According to the requirements of the national verification regulation "JJG856-2015", the emissivity is better than 0.995, which is a blackbody radiation source, and the wavelength (8-14) um working radiation thermometer (including thermal imager) can be verified.

2. High temperature stability

Temperature stability is an important indicator of the verification regulation JJG856-2015 for blackbody radiation sources. PFOTEK blackbody radiation source, the stability meets the requirements of its regulations, after reaching the set value, the transmission with radiation thermometer to measure the target bullseye temperature reading value is a horizontal curve, which can greatly reduce the error caused by the temperature drift of the blackbody radiation source in daily verification/calibration.

3. Good temperature uniformity

Temperature uniformity is another important indicator of the verification regulation JJG856-2015 for blackbody radiation sources. The PFOTEK blackbody radiation source cavity is spherical, geometrically symmetrical to the bullseye, 50mm opening, uniform zone up to 40mm (fully meets the specification of 0.15%t of the regulation, called the effective working area).

4. Stable and fast

After repeated verification, the temperature rise and stabilization time of PFOTEK blackbody radiation source is less than 30min. After reaching the temperature setpoint, the measured value of the radiant thermometer for transmission can be constant for a long time (measured for more than 60 minutes). Compared with the traditional blackbody radiation source (to stabilize the time of 2 hours), the PFOTEK blackbody radiation source has high efficiency and accurate brightness and temperature value. The blackbody radiation source has good stability and high emissivity, which provides a strong guarantee for the transmission of radiation temperature.

5. PFOTEK's unique temperature control instrument algorithm configures the professional P.I.D algorithm that selects the continental (imported) temperature controller

The combination of accurate measurement of temperature process variables and high-performance control on blackbody sources provides high temperature repeatability results, demonstrating the completely reliable and superior performance of blackbody sources

PFOTEK blackbody radiation source and plane radiation source meet the requirements of "Working Radiation Thermometer Verification Regulations JJG856-2015", the main indicators such as temperature control stability, uniformity, emissivity, opening caliber, temperature repeatability, etc., are ahead of similar domestic products, the product covers the temperature range: -50~1600 °C, product types include: spherical, tubular, flat source. It has a blackbody radiation source with multiple temperature ranges and radiation areas to meet a variety of working conditions and laboratory measurement use. Products are widely used in military, measurement/calibration institutions, rolling stock, automobile manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields.

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