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TEK-50-550 has a large opening, which can meet the calibration of most D: S thermometers, fast heating rate, short stabilization time, high work efficiency, high precision, and products Lightweight, good temperature control stability.



Model: TEK-50-550

Temperature range: (50-550) °C

Radiant surface diameter: Φ65mm

Emissivity: better than 0.995

Repeatability: <0.02 °C

Stability: not greater than (0.1°C and 0.1%t)

Uniformity: not greater than (0.15°C and 0.15%t)

Thermostat: imported thermostat

Weight: about 10KG

Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz

Power: 1100W

Ambient temperature: (5-40) °C

Volume: 300*320*230mm

FP-106Series high-precision digital pressure gauge not only solves the verification of standard pressure, but also meets the comprehensive testing needs of the field. It can be used for calibration and verification of pressure transmitters by high accuracy calibration standards (tables). It is a portable instrument for AC and DC that measures current while measuring pressure, and is displayed on LCD with a 24VDC output.

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