British PFOTEK focuses on digital pressure gauges, constant temperature tanks, blackbody furnaces and other instruments, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, etc.

Professional to meet the needs of users for calibration, test, maintenance, technical transformation and other instruments and digital pressure gauges, constant temperature tanks, blackbody furnaces and other instruments and other spare parts, is the most reliable partner of customers. PFOTEK always insists on reducing the procurement cost of spare parts for enterprises by reducing intermediate links, and builds a unique competitive market platform for users.

PFOTEK blackbody furnace is lightweight, fast cooling speed, good stability, uniform 390*250*260mm, good operation. Blackbody furnaces can be customized with different temperature ranges according to customer needs.

PFOTEK refrigeration thermostat is a high-precision self-controlled thermometer verification device, which has the characteristics of good temperature stability, uniform temperature field and high temperature control accuracy, using imported fully enclosed compressor refrigeration system, precision temperature controller according to PID regulation law to achieve automatic temperature control, compact structure, easy to operate.

PFOTEK digital pressure gauges are high-precision single-range digital pressure gauges. It consists of high-precision measurement chips, battery-powered circuits, and high-precision pressure sensors. It can be used to measure and verify the pressure in real time and ordinary pressure gauges, pointer pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure gauges, etc.

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