TEK-Liquid-O-40-130 instructions for use

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This device is equipped with a high-precision original temperature regulator, which needs to be responsible for a special person and strictly follows the following requirements


1. Preparation:

1.Before starting, carefully check whether the components are intact, whether the wiring is loose, and reliably ground the box, and whether the approved power supply is consistent with the power supply specified in this device;

2. The new equipment should close the liquid drain valve, connect the hose to the water outlet, insert the liquid storage container at the other end, and then add the working medium in the tank until the overflow; During use, the equipment should check the liquid level height in the constant temperature tank, and when the liquid level height is insufficient, the working medium should be replenished until the overflow;

3. Turn the shaft of the mixing motor by hand, and the shaft should rotate flexibly.

2. Operation sequence:

1.Press the power button "Start", the power is turned on, and the power supply of the instrument is turned on.

2.If the control temperature is below 30°C, turn on the "Refrigeration" and "Temperature Control" switches. When the "constant temperature" switch is turned off, the refrigeration system enters the large refrigeration working state, the tank temperature drops rapidly, and when the temperature in the tank is close to the set temperature, the "constant temperature" switch is turned on, and finally the constant temperature state is reached. If the temperature in the tank is lower than -35 °C, it is also necessary to turn on the "constant temperature" switch to make the bath temperature drop to the set temperature at a slower rate, and finally enter the constant temperature state.

3.When the working temperature requirement is higher than the room temperature +15 °C, the refrigeration system does not need to work, the "refrigeration" and "constant temperature" switches are turned off, and the rest of the operations are still carried out in the original order.

4.Change the setpoint: Press the key, the first number in the SV window is flashing, and then press the wait key successively to get the temperature setpoint you need. Once set, press the key again.

5.Other parameters on the temperature controller have been adjusted at the factory and do not need to be adjusted.

3. Downtime:

1. turn off the "Refrigeration", "Constant Temperature" and "Temperature Control" switches. (Refrigeration system work stop)

2. Turn off the power.

3. Open the drain valve and drain the working medium.


1. The power supply voltage used in this instrument must be guaranteed to be within 220V±10%.

2. If the tank is not filled with working medium such as water or working alcohol, it is not allowed to start. During the whole working process, the liquid level should always be maintained and must not be made

Electric heaters are exposed to air to avoid burnout.

3. After the compressor stops working, it must not be started again immediately, and it must be restarted at an interval of 5 minutes to avoid damage to the compressor.

4. In order to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system, the tank temperature shall not be higher than +35°C when starting.

5. If a problem is found in the refrigeration system, it should be inspected and repaired by professional refrigeration technicians or notify the factory, and other personnel shall not disassemble and repair it at will.

6. If the medium is used for too long and the moisture content is too high, at low temperature, its viscosity will be greatly increased, thereby affecting the normal circulation flow rate of the medium in the tank, and the medium will be thin paste when it is serious, and the fluctuation of the tank temperature is greatly increased, so the medium should be replaced in time to ensure good circulating flow and tank temperature performance.

7. If the ambient temperature is higher than 28°C and above, it is recommended to install air conditioning.

8. The equipment placement position should be well ventilated, the equipment ventilation hole should not be blocked, and the equipment should be placed at least 15cm or more from the wall.


1. If the instrument fails under the specified conditions of use, the factory is responsible for free warranty for one year.

2. During the warranty period, due to improper use and maintenance of the user caused by equipment damage, the factory is responsible for the warranty, but the cost is borne by the user.

3. If there is a failure after more than one year, the factory is responsible for maintenance and charges according to regulations

Common setting and operation of temperature control instruments

How to do it:

1. Change the setting value: press the key, the first number in the SV window is flashing, and then press the wait key successively to get the temperature setting value you need. Press it again when you are done.

2. Internal parameter adjustment: the parameters that need to be corrected frequently in this instrument are only the measured display values, and the control point deviation (common weighing fitness) needs to be corrected when the constant temperature tank is debugged at the factory. Due to the use of PID+DI control mode, the control performance is no longer sensitive to the changes in the values of P, I, D, so only P is adjustable, and the adjustment range is small, and the user generally does not need to adjust (the P of the sink is 2.200 °C at the factory, and the oil tank is 3.000 °C, note: if the proportion limit P has a large change, the deviation of the control point needs to be slightly corrected accordingly). In addition, in order to increase the versatility, two parameters such as the selection of control law (generally heating constant temperature at the factory) and the selection of the output contact law of the deviation alarm relay are added. The specific operation steps are: press and hold the key for more than 5 seconds, let go after the word LOC is displayed in the PV window, then press and wait for the key to enter the password to make the number in the SV window consistent with the parameter name in Table 1, and then press the key, at this time the parameter code is immediately displayed in the PV window, and you can adjust the relevant parameters one by one.

3. Temperature correction: temperature correction can be corrected by 0 degree point and 100 degree point, record the difference value after comparison with the equipment and standard, hold down the key for more than 5 seconds, and then press the other key to enter the password 10000 after entering the SC window to enter the 0 degree correction value, enter the FC window to enter the 100 degree correction value (such as: the standard temperature is 0.1 degrees higher than the equipment temperature, then change the SC value to 0.1) (Note, after the correction is completed, you need to exit: press and hold the key for more than 5 seconds, Let go after hearing a beep)

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